Spacious 2-Bdrm condos in Puerto Vallarta

Enjoy Mexico's No. 1 vacation resort!

Dear Allyna,

I wanted to thank you for everything. We loved the area of your condos and the size of them. The views were spectacular. The mattresses on the beds were great as well... excellent. The bathroom is just fantastic.... we loved that the most. Thank you so much for allowing us to stay with you.
We look forward to coming back again and staying with you.
Karen Scott
Ontario, Canada
We are already missing Puerto Vallarta; it is really unseasonably cold here in Ontario...
It is minus 22 here today and it has snowed all day, so I am really looking forward to staying with you again soon!
Margaret and Bob Ives
Ontario, Canada
J'espère que tu vas bien, car je reviens bientôt chez toi.
Je suis contente de pouvoir dire que la location est belle et bien pour moi pour la nouvelle saison.  
Simone Boily
Québec, Canada
I was getting really excited and looking forward to staying in the condo.  
I had spent Christmas for the last 3 years in Hawaii so this was going to be a big change! We love Puerto Vallarta, and we really did enjoy it.  Thank you.
Dorothy Marshall
Alaska, USA


HI. I'm Juan Antonio from Chicago. I was interested in once again possibly renting the place out. My friends and I loved your three-bedroom condo! Please let me know.

Juan Padilla
Chicago, IL


Hi, Allyna,

I would really like to rent your place again next year, if it is available. I would want to rent from January 1st, to May 31st, 2010.
I love the location, the view, the conveniences and the spaciousness of this condo...
Please let me know if I am able to rent the condo again for next year, if it is available.

Judy Radke
B.C., Canada


Hi Allyna;

I'm delighted with your place as are my wife and son. I thought I'd send you a quick email so you had my address - just in case. Best,

Fred Frame
B.C., Canada
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